The sustainability toolbox is growing!

A growing number of companies want to make their business model more sustainable. That is a great development and we see more and more companies adapting and working towards that. But apart from the obvious how do you know what is best to do? How do you know what the actual impact is? Because in the end it is about traceable actions and insights and less about a statement on a page. 

Luckily all around the industry tools are beginning to pop up. Below we list a few of those tools that might give you the bit of guidance you are looking for.

Circular Data Center Compass (CDCC)

The first tool is one we have seen being developed from the very start. CEDaCI has developed this tool together with their extensive network. The tool enables users to choose from the following tool options: Compare, Ecodesign Evaluator and End-of-life to assess their servers at various stages of their life. Each of these developed to evaluate servers and encourage more sustainable business solutions.

Check out the video below to learn more:

Sustainability Calculator for IT and Data Center Assets (SIMS)

Sims is a worldwide leader in IT asset and cloud infrastructure reuse, redeployment and recycling, SLS offers IT asset disposition (ITAD) and e-waste recycling solutions for businesses.

Sims Lifecycle Services also developed a tool of their own. It is already part of their business to provide their clients with transparent sustainability reporting to contribute to corporate carbon accounting and achieving carbon neutral goals. They know most of their clients benefit from keeping resources in use for as long as possible; extracting the maximum value from those resources while in use; and then recovering and regenerating products and materials at the end of their useful life.
Plenty of reasons for them to develop the Sustainability Calculator, which enables their clients to measure and report upon environmental benefits. 

The calculator enables clients to quantify carbon savings not only from recycling, but also from the reuse of whole IT assets as well as components. This last option making it stand out from a whole lot of other calculators. The calculator works on a wide scale of equipment, including laptops, servers, PCs, monitors, networking equipment and printers.

To learn more and check more information click here

More Sustainability tools

SAP has created software for sustainable business monitoring. They listed them in this article, go check them out if it is applicable for your business.

Also Microsoft has developed some tools. Take for an example their Emissions impact dashboard, this is an app for their Azure enterprise customers that provides new insight into carbon emissions data associated with their Azure services. 

And there are loads of tools. To measure your companies carbon footprint for instance, like Planetly and more.

You know of any other cool tools? Let us know.