Circular IT

Reducing your footprint


Circular IT is not just a sustainable trend but a necessity in the face of increasing environmental concerns and resource depletion. The traditional linear model of IT production and consumption is marked by a significant environmental footprint, generating vast amounts of electronic waste and consuming precious resources.

Circular IT involves the strategic utilisation, reuse, refurbishment, and recycling of IT equipment to maximize its lifespan. This approach lowers the demand for new IT equipment, fostering a much more sustainable environment.

Let’s shape a more sustainable and responsible future for IT.


Circular IT group

EmxCore joined the Circular IT group in 2023, breaking away from the cycle of treating IT as a disposable product, the groups focus lies in making IT truly circular. To us sustainable transformation is not just a mission, but a shared commitment.
As a unified force, the group provides Circular IT solutions designed to extend the lifespan of IT assets, thereby reducing the negative impact of IT on the environment and resource utilisation.

Joining the Circular IT group has enriched our offerings, including a more diverse range of devices such as phones, laptops, desktops and tablets. Additionally, we provide essential services, including IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), lifecycle management, and support for ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) reporting. Bundeling all of this together we can truly be your one-stop-shop, dedicated to assisting you in effortlessly achieving your circularity goals.

Donate IT

Donating IT

Got excess IT gear to replace or dispose of? Simply donate the residual value of your old hardware to a charity of your choice . The ITdonations Foundation, a project by Circular IT group, simplifies the donation process, ensuring it is straightforward, transparent, and secure.

We have already donated more than 3 million euros to more than 200 charities

All about ITDonations Foundation

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

ESG is all about a company’s performance beyond financial metrics, covering environmental impact, social practices, and governance.

Get ready for the rulebook update. Global regulators are pushing for standardized ESG reporting. Companies will likely face requirements to disclose specific ESG information, promoting transparency and comparability. Adapting to these regulations is crucial for meeting the expectations of socially responsible stakeholders and investors. With the Circular IT group we are working hard to develop tools that will make your ESG reporting a lot easier.

Circular services

IT Asset Disposition(ITAD), involves securely and sustainable handling of old IT equipment to protect data, comply with regulations, and reduce environmental impact. Selling your current IT assets contributes to a circular economy by giving hardware or raw materials a new life.

More about ITAD
Read more about More about ITAD

Lifecycle management

Circular IT-aligned data center Lifecycle management involves planning, building, operating, optimizing, and decommissioning a network to ensure efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability while minimizing environmental impact.


Upgrading, changing or decommisioning your network? We might be able to buy your used equipment form you! This way you contribute to the circular economy and turn your old hardware into new budget.

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  • Can you help me with ESG reporting?

    As a part of Circular IT group we can definitely help you with your ESG reporting. It will become mandatory for more companies to report on ESG by order of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

  • How can you help me make my network more circular?

    There are a lot of ways we can help you with making your network more circular. You can choose to use refurbished equipment instead of new equipment or you can choose to extend the lifecycle of you equipment. We can also help you with ITAD, so your old equipment gets processed in the correct way.  Need help with lifecycle management to optimise the lifespan of your IT equipment? We can also help you with that!

  • What is CSRD?

    The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive(CSRD)is an EU law came effective in January 2023 which requires companies of a certain size to report on the impact of corporate activities on the environment and society, and requires the audit (assurance) of reported information from 2025 onwards