Juniper QFX3100

The Juniper QFX3100 is a director device which is used to manage the QFX3000-G and QFX3000-M QFabric systems.
You connect the ports on the QFX3100 to ports on the EX4200 switch to form a control plane and management network for the QFabric system. The Ex4200 then interconnects to the QFX3500, QFX3600 and the QFX5100 node devices and QFX3008-I interconnect devices.

Part number Description
QFX3100-2RU QFX3100 base system (spare)
QFX3100-FANA Fan module for QFX3100 (spare)
QFX3100-GBE-ACR QFX3100 base system with redundant AC power supply, dual disk and network interface cards
QFX3100-GBE-SFP-ACR QFX3100 Base System with Redundant AC Power Supply, Dual Disks and SFP Network Interface Cards
QFX3100-HDD-2TB 2TB hard drive for QFX3100 (spare)
QFX3100-NM-4GE Network interface card with 4×10/100/1000BASE-TX for QFX3100 (spare)
QFX3100-NM-4GE-SFP Network Interface Card with 4x1GE SFP for QFX3100 (spare)
QFX3100-PWRAC-560A 560W power supply A for QFX3100 (spare)