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Physically moving servers and network gear, closing buildings, traveling and opening new locations is more complicated in the COVID-19 world. Luckily a lot can be done remotely but not every job can be done from a distance.. Many of our customers were not able to install and travel to their data centers to install or upgrade their network equipment during the pandemic.

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Summer Giveaway!

The outbreak of Covid-19 makes this summer a little bit different then usual. Travelling might be harder or even restricted, there are no big music festivals and going places just isn’t the same.

We came up with something to make this summer a little bit more fun. In July and August we are giving away four Bang & Olufsen H9 3rd generation Noise cancelling Hi-Fi headphones!

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Podcast Episode 1: Talking IPv4 addresses

Exciting news! EmXcore will start their own podcast. The Podcast will be available on most Podcast platforms and on our website (also in a written out version). Please find all the links below and subscribe so you won’t miss any new podcast. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Podcast episode 1: Talking IPv4 addresses

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Bandwidth VS Covid-19

We are living in strange times, suddenly a large part of the world’s population is staying at home. Social distancing, quarantine or even complete lockdowns are the measurements taken all over the world due to the outbreak of Covid-19. 

Now, more than ever, the internet has become a crucial part of our lives to make sure we can continue as much of our day-to-day life as possible. 

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AfricaCom 2019

On 12,13 and 14 November we hosted a stand at AfricaCom in Capetown, South Africa. Three energetic, fun days filled with meeting interesting people, catching up with excisting customers and handing out (and eating) delicious Icecream. It was an absolute pleasure to share our stand with SIMS recycling solutions. Jelle Slenters (SIMS recycling solutions) wrote an interesting blog about his takeaway from AfricaCom.

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5G versus Wi-Fi 6

Everyone has heard about 5G, but is all this fuzz more then just a hype? And what about the much lesser known WI-FI 6?  One thing we know for sure is that these new wireless standards are expected to revolutionize IoT, with low power requirements, blazing speeds, and high bandwidth. And that is important because experts predict nearly 31 billion IoT devices around the world by 2020. 

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Let’s go circular!

The Netherlands is the most connected country in the world and Amsterdam is an important international digital hub. Combine that with a reliable and favorable energy network and you have an ideal country to house datacenters. The Netherlands is on its way to become the number 1 data hub in Europe. And indeed Google, Microsoft and the alike already have and are expanding their datacenter presence in The Netherlands.

Typical for Dutch IT is their ambition to becoming more sustainable and work towards circularity; a model in which there is minimal/no waste.

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